Nov 22, 2009

* * Beautiful Embroidery Blouse works * *

Check out this link for different styles of embroidery works on blouses !!!
U will love these !!!

Netted sarees with different styles of patch work 'n' embroidery

Different styles of Langa blouse's with Banaras patch work !!!

Different Styles of langa blouses with banaras patch work, kalankari, zardozi, sequins, sitara, kundan 'n' mirror work !!!!

Beautiful Printed Sarees !!!!

Banaras saree with netted pallu !!!

Cream 'n' red banaras saree with white netted pallu with resham, zardozi 'n' sitara work !!!

Black 'n' red banaras saree with cream netted pallu with resham, sequins 'n' sitara work !!!

Netted saree with banaras patch work !!!

Beautiful cream saree with banaras border 'n' beeds, stone work to make it elegent !!!